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ASM installation on a 64bit Windows OS is not working properly. Why?
Last update: 13/05/2013
Article applies to Archive Server for MDaemon version: 3.2.8
Archive Server for MDaemon and MDaemon are 32-bit applications but they can work correctly even on 64-bit server operating systems. However, there are several situations that will make the ASM installation is not working completely even if the installation ends without errors:

1. IIS7 ISAPI/CGI extensions not enabled
2. Incompatibility between Xitami and Windows 2008 64-bit
3. Problems with the MySQL ODBC driver
4. Incompatibility with some Windows features

IIS7 ISAPI/CGI extensions not enabled:
ASM needs IIS Application Development Extensions that usually are not enabled. You can enable them from Roles > Web Server (IIS) > Role of the Services section of the Windows Server Manager, enabling the Application Development option.
If you are in this situation, you should enable the extensions, restart IIS and then uninstall and install ASM again.

Incompatibility with Xitami:
ASM requires a Web server. ASM setup is able to install the Xitami Web server on a machine where Internet Information Services is not present or if it is present but there aren't any active Web Sites. Xitami version installed by ASM is a 32-bit service, NOT compatible with 64-bit systems. On these systems therefore it cannot be used; you need to install and use Internet Information Services.

Problems with the MySQL ODBC driver:
ASM requires a database. SQL Server (recommended) and MySQL are supported; ASM setup may install a version of MySQL 5.0.x and an ODBC driver 3.51.x by itself if there isn't a MySQL installation already available.
If you decide to use MySQL as database, you must keep in mind that ASM is only compatible with the 3.51.x x32 versions of the ODBC MySQL driver while versions 5.1.x and 3.51.x x64 are not yet supported. 3.51.x x32 drivers by default are installed in the %systemroot%\syswow64 on 64bit systems. Windows ODBC datasource manager searches drivers into the %systemroot%\system32 on 64bit systems so, the ODBC 3.51.x x32 driver may not be included in the list of available drivers in the datasource manager, even if it is installed on the machine and visible into the Control Panel applications list.
To allow the use of x32 ODBC datasources too or to show the x32 ODBC manager you need to launch the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe application.

ODBC 3.51.x x32 driver is compatible with ASM (verified several times), but you get an error during the installation if you install it by the .msi installer on a 64-bit system. Installation is completed if you install it downloading the zip version and running the install.bat file, but it is not detected by ASM because it is installed in the wrong folder (this driver must be installed in c:\windows\syswow64 (being 32-bit), while the install.bat. installs it into c:\windows\system32).

To install a MySQL ODBC driver which is properly recognized by ASM you can follow this procedure:

1. Download from here or from MySQL site the zip version on the 3.51.25 x32 ODBC driver.
2. Unzip the file to a folder and replace install.bat and uninstall.bat files with those contained into this zip.
3. Open a Windows command prompt, change the folder to that where you've unzipped the driver and run the command
install 0.
If the execution returns an error due to the fact that it detectes a previous driver installation, run the command
uninstall 0
install 0

If you have already tried to install ASM and, after the completion, the application doesn't work properly, you can detect if there are any database connectivity errors into ASM logs, or, if trying to create manually a DSN system you get an "Error 193" message. In these cases, you can uninstall ASM, install the MySQL ODBC driver following previous steps and then reinstall ASM again.

In the case of a new installation, first manually install the ODBC driver and then launch the ASM setup.

Incompatibility with some Windows features:
Installing ASM with the IIS web server and SQL Server or MySQL as database, it may happen that the installation ends without errors, but when you try to access to the web administration you get a HTTP 500.19 error.

This problem may occur if there is the Windows Server Update Services which "forgets" to install the suscomp.dll (32-bit) into the
folder after the installation of "xpress" compression on 64bit machines.
This causes a crash of the IIS ASM application pool.

Possible solutions are:

1. find suscomp.dll (32-bit) and install it in the %windir%\syswow64\inetsrv folder.

2. disabling xpress compression running this command by a Windows command prompt:
%Windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe set config-section: system.webServer/httpCompression/- [name = 'xpress'] 

you can get more info about this issue at this link even if it is referred to different applications:

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