Archive Server for MDaemon

Errors and troubleshooting

Trying to access to the ASM Web interface I get this error: class CAchOleDbQuery INSERTSECRETSTRING
Trying to access to the ASM Web interface I get this error: “class CAchOleDbQuery INSERTSECRETSTRING: One or more errors occurred during processing of command”

This error may be caused by an insufficient size of the ASM database transaction log if the ASM installation uses SQL Server as database server. ...

When I try to login I get this error: DOMParser not defined
When I try to login I get this error: "DOMParser not defined". Why?

Since ASM version 2.6 and above, login happens through an AJAX call. To parse the answer on IE ActiveX technology is used (Microsoft.XMLDOM, in...

New MDaemon account detection
I have added an email account in MDaemon that does not appear inside ASM. Why?

Data (accounts, domains and lists) synchronization between ASM and MDaemon occurs about every 5-6 minutes, so, you only have to wait for some minutes ...

Search which cannot be performed
Sometimes a search cannot be performed due to an error like this: "Search will require a long time. Please, refine it." Is there a way to avoid this?

Above message should appear only when: You are performing a search for an exact phrase (between double quotes) inside the body. Potent...

PST exports not working
PST exports is not working. Is there a solution?

When an export job doesn't work it's necessary to check ASM logs for errors. These are some of the possible errors in the ASM Expo...

Invalid user trying to log to ASM in with the full email address
ASM login works only inserting first part of the email address. Why?

From version 11, MDaemon, as default setting, requires to access to WorldClient/ MDaemon using the full email address (e.g.

ERROR #12 in SHARE_HELP_mount()
ASM logs report this error: "ERROR #12 in SHARE_HELP_mount()". Which might be the problem and how to fix it?

This error may be reported by different log files: Into archive log you can find this: 2012-08-09 10:36:53.796 00002 1 - ARCH> -- ERROR 12 i...

Database connection failures
I get this error opening ASM login page: A provider-specific error occurred. class CAchOleDbQuery CHECK_ACCOUNT_PW: An unexpected error occurred.

This error may be due to problems connecting to the ASM database. Typical scenarios: The error occurs at the end of the installa...

Access denied error
In the ASM core log sometimes I find an error like Cannot open "ASM_DB" database. Access denied. What could be the cause?

In an ASM installation that is using SQL server as database it's possible to find the following error: ODBC> -- -- [4060][42000] - [Micro...

ASM database recovery
How repair an ASM database in a "SUSPECT" or "RECOVERY PENDING" status?

This article may be applied to ASM versions using a SQL Server 2005/2008 database. Introduction There can be a possibility that when yo...