Archive Server for MDaemon

Features and step by step guides

Uninstall ASM
How can I manually uninstall ASM?

There are 2 known issue about ASM uninstalling: 1. sometimes the uninstall doesn't start because the unwise.exe file is missing. ...

How to reset ASM system administrator password
I forgot the password to log to ASM in as system administrator. What can I do?

ASM system administrator credentials are stored into the sys_admin_login table of the ASM database, into the row having sal_key = 1. System adminis...

Xitami uninstall
How can I uninstall Xitami web server?

Xitami Web server is automatically removed by ASM uninstalling with last versions of Archive Server for MDaemon (ASM). This is an option offered durin...

How to convert ASM database from MySQL to MS SQL Server
Can I convert ASM database from MySQL to MS SQL Server without loss any data?

ASM database conversion from MySQL to MS SQL Server and vice versa is obviously a delicate operation that requires a lot of attention and that, dep...

ASM database growth
How to keep down the ASM database growth

ASM database size strongly depends on the number of archived messages and indexing. To avoid the ASM database size growths too much i...

Import old messages into ASM
How to import messages managed by MDaemon before ASM was installed into ASM itself?

Most frequent need is to archive emails from the past, previous to MD or ASM installation or just to import an ASM repository after the database cr...

Rebuilding SQL Server indexes
How to rebuild SQL Server indexes of Archive Server for MDaemon database.

Excessive indexes fragmentation in the Archive Server for MDaemon (ASM) database may cause performance degradation of searches or in the navigation t...

Copyfiles utility
What is the copyfiles utility?

Sometimes, to speedup the archiving process, you need to copy .msg files directly to the ASM queue folder [enginequeue] Copyfiles utility...

Archiving a previous ASM repository again
Is it possible to archive an old ASM repository again being it archived with the archiving on unique file (.asmst) option enabled?

Yes, it's possible using the Solfsc command line utility you can download from here. Running it by a Windows commands prompt without any p...

Limit disk space usage
How to do to limit disk space used by ASM?

In Archive Server for Mdaemon there are several factors that can increase disk space occupation: ASM's Database ASM's Repos...