How can I manually uninstall ASM?


Ultimo aggiornamento: 17 November 2015

Uninstall ASM

There are 2 known issue about ASM uninstalling:

1. sometimes the uninstall doesn't start because the unwise.exe file is missing.

To fix this problem you can copy the MDaemon unwise.exe file from App folder to uninstall folder and launch the uninstall again

2. sometimes some ASM elements are not removed at all during the uninstall procedure. After this product re-installation could fail or end not properly.

In these cases a manually removing of ASM elements may be need.

To remove manually all elements added by ASM installation you have to:

1. Removing Web Server items:

ASM may be installed with IIS or Xitami (installed by the ASM setup itself).

If your installation use IIS 6 you have to remove:

"Archive Server for MDaemon" application pool if configured
ASM virtual directories (named by default "ASM")
"Archive Server for MDaemon" Web extension

If your installation use Xitami as Web server, to remove ASM aliases and Xitami itself:

Choose to Start -> Run

type 'command' and press the enter key

At the command prompt, please type:

c:> cd program filesxitami

c:program filesxitami> xisrv32 -u

c:program filesxitami>cd ..

c:program files> rmdir /s /q xitami

2. Manually removing ASM Registry Entries:

Go to Start -> Run

type 'regedit' and press the enter key

Search the registry for Archive Server for MDaemon and remove any registry entries that it finds.

Main ASM registry keys are in:

Also, remove the following registry keys if they exist…


(we would strongly recommend taking a backup of your registry prior to making any changes to it)

3. Manually removing the ASM Content Filter rule in MDaemon:

Open the MDaemon GUI and choose Security -> Content Filter.

If there is a Content Filter rule present called ASM_Rule remove it.

4. Removing ASM services:

follow this article:

5. Removing the ASM installation folder:

In Windows Explorer navigate to the folder ASM was originally installed in and remove it (note this folder contains the repository folder so you may want to take a backup folder of this first).

6. Removing ASM database:

ASM may be installed with SQL Server, MSDE or MySQL

Delete the ASM database ("ASM_DB" by defaut) from:
– SQL Server Enterprise Manager (SQL Server 7/2000)
– SQL Server Management studio (SQL Server 2005)
– MySQL Administration tool (MySQL)*

Delete ASM_DB.mdf and ASM_DB.lbf files from Data folder.**

* If you want to uninstall MySQL too, run the MySQL and MySQL ODBC uninstallers (note that the MySQL uninstaller will not remove the MySQL DATA folders so you will have to delete these manually if a fresh MySQL installation is required).

** If you want to uninstall MSDE too, use the Windows Control Panel > Software installations removing features