How to import messages managed by MDaemon before ASM was installed into ASM itself?


Ultimo aggiornamento: 11 December 2012

Import old messages into ASM


Most frequent need is to archive emails from the past, previous to MD or ASM installation or just to import an ASM repository after the database crashed.

Mail to archive could be in the following locations:

1. On MD server, inside users imap folders and pubblic folders
2. On the user PC (Outlook and Outlook Express are supported)
3. Inside a MD backup
4. Inside a repository folder of ASM

All these cases are supported:

1. Using Imap import tool:

2. Using ASM uploader tool:

3. This kind of operation is only possible if mail are stored in RCF822 format. IT’s necessary to copy messages in the ASM engine queue (cartella <ASM root>enginequeue>). To avoid conflicts with MD “real time” messages follow these steps:

   – Modify the MDaemon content filter rule and set it to copy messages in a temp folder
   – Wait that the Engine queue is empty
   – Copy messages that you want to archive directly into the Engine folder. Warning: subfolders will be ignored. 
     All the files must be placed in the root of the queue. If you have a lot of subfolders you can use the
     Copyfiles utility
   – Wait that the Engine queue is newly empty
   – Restore the original Content Filter “ASM rule
   – Move messages that were put in the temp folder in the ASM Engine queue

4. ASM is compliant with messages that were crypted or compressed (files belonging to an ASM repository). To import this kind of messages you have to use the Copyfiles utility