Is it possible to archive an old ASM repository again being it archived with the archiving on unique file (.asmst) option enabled?


Ultimo aggiornamento: 09 January 2012

Archiving a previous ASM repository again


Yes, it's possible using the Solfsc command line utility you can download from here.
Running it by a Windows commands prompt without any parameters you get the utility help.
To extract files included into the 05.asmst package, for example, you can proceed in this way:

  1. Create a temporary folder, e.g.: c:ASMTemp
  2. Download the solfsc.exe file and save it into this folder.
  3. Open a Windows commands prompt
  4. Go to the temporary folder:
    cd c:ASMTemp
  5. Run this command:
    solfsc x -r -o. 05.asmst
    This command will "unzip" the .asmst file into the folder itself.
  6. All .msg extracted files may be now copied into the ASM archiving queue to be archived again.

Please note that it's necessary to modify temporary the "ASM_rule" MDaemon content filter rule to copy real-time messages to another folder to avoid conflicts with new messages copied into the ASM queue by MDaemon. When old messages will be archived you can restore the "ASM_rule" settings and copy messages stored into the auxiliary folder to the ASM enginequeue folder to be archived themselves.