Trying to activate ASM licence I get an “Activation failed” error even with a valid license. What may be the problem?


Ultimo aggiornamento: 02 December 2011

Licence activation failed


Archive Server for MDaemon (ASM) license needs to be registered and activated. Activation requires a Internet connection to the Achab site. Please, check if the url works on machine where ASM is installed.

Activation may also failed due to some default Internet Explorer security settings. If this is your case, you can proceed in this way (needed only for the activation attempt):

1. open Internet Explorer on the machine where ASM is installed on
2. connect to url
3. open the Tools > Internet options > Protection menu of Internet Explorer
4. select the Trusted sites icon
5. press on the "Sites" button and add the url to the trusted sites list
6. change the protection level to the "Low" value
7. close and open Internet Explorer again
8. try to activate ASM license now

This article can be applied to all ASM versions requiring activation and to Internet Explorer 8.