Why Achab

If you need to break into the Italian SME market, Achab is the ideal choice. Through a network of over 4000 MSPs, MSSPs, TSPs and resellers covering the entire Italian territory, we can help you build your market in Italy.

Who is Achab

Achab is an IT distributor that has been operating in the Italian market for over 20 years, offering MSPs, MSSPs and TSPs infrastructure solutions that enable them to provide excellent and profitable IT services.

We have a defined and efficient structure, with departments that work according to well-organized processes: Portfolio & Vendor Management, Marketing, Sales, Operations & Inside Sales, Tech Support, Finance, Development.

Why choose Achab

Normally the vendor has to take care of all the Marketing, Education, Training and Support activities, while the distributor only takes care of Finance and Logistics.

Thanks to processes and procedures consolidated over 20 years of business, Achab operates as if it were the vendor and is, therefore, able to take care of all the activities that concern the vendor.

Entering the market: acquiring customers and retaining them

Over the years, we have developed a well-proven process for “launching” new solutions, which includes:

  • roadshows;
  • commercial and technical live webinars;
  • WebTVs;
  • training events where we explain the technologies illustrating the how and why, as well as the business opportunities behind each technology;
  • MSP Day, the biggest Italian event entirely dedicated to MSPs;
  • Aclub, an exclusive event dedicated only to Achab’s customers;
  • phone campaigns and press relations.

Once we’ve acquired new clients, we also ensure we “retain” them with a variety of marketing activities including newsletters, blogs, podcasts and technical sessions that allow MSPs to receive weekly news, insights and anything else that allows them to work to their full potential.

Achab is the no-brainer choice

  • No fixed costs
  • No office
  • No employees
  • Only marketing funds and margins

If you are looking for a distributor in Italy, don’t wait any longer, contact us!